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Hello World!

Posted by Jo on May 6, 2009

Hi there, Im still around here and there.

Ive been totally snowed under with work recently. Ive now been in Doha for 3 months and its flown by really fast  – I did manage a quick break back in the UK last week which was nice (and also brought the love of my life back with me). The DC project Im working on is still rumbling (slowly) on , its a big migration weekend coming up so I dont expect to get much sleep. Its all fun in the end though and I am enjoying it.

So it looks like the guys at Cisco are changing the CCIE R&S blueprint to version 4.0. I have to say I like the look of the new format, the idea of a separate troubleshooting section is a great idea. I almost want to take the lab again to check it out (OK maybe not!). Check out the Mike’s Blog for more details from IPexpert and some great offers. Even though I passed the R&S Im hoping to get access to the new updated materials to check them out. Ive still got some vRack vouchers knocking around so will see what IPexpert send my way in the members section when the time comes. Its always good to keep up with the different technologies that they are adding.

As for my studies, Im hoping that after next weekend the major projects I am working on will be less intensive so I will have time to do some more study. Another hurdle in my way is the lack of VPN access from my ‘shared’ internet connection in the apartment block Im living in. They apparently cannot open up the required ports – which sucks a little. I will be looking for a new place to live sometime in the very near future, so once I have my ‘blisteringly fast’ 2Mb ADSL connection I will be good to go on the study front.


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