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All quiet on the western front (but busy out east!)

Posted by Jo on March 6, 2009

Hello there,

You may have noticed a severe lack of CCIE Voice updates to this site recently, this is down to me moving out to Doha and being incredibly busy with projects happening at my new job. Without getting too much into the specifics Ive joined the team smack bang in the middle of silly season in terms of workload and currently have 3 projects on the go concurrently that I am looking after.

The main one of these is building a new DC infrastructure (room, power, a/c, and network etc) followed by a period of migrating kit from the old DC out to the new DC – this all has to be complete by the end of the month! I am also overseeing the implementation of a new call centre (supplied and configured by a Cisco ATP and not me!), and when this is done will be looking at a full IPT roll out across the business Im working in (migrating away from a Nortel IPT solution thats in place presently). There are some busy times ahead to say the least.

I was hoping that being out here would give me some extra time to study, but have come across a couple of snags in terms of the projects im working on. Dont get me wrong, I love being busy working with all this stuff, so its great in that respect and Im sure after the beginning of April or end of March the bigger projects will be complete.

Another slight problem I have is that the Cisco VPN client and EzVPN solution into Proctor Labs is blocked by the edge router that provides internet access in the apartment block I’m in! I need to find out what I need to do to get that opened up, so I can study from home and not need to go into the office for it.

Anyway, so what does this mean for my studies and this blog? Well I see that IPexpert are releasing more V3 blueprint Volume 1 labs – which is great. I will certainly be looking at these once I sort out my connectivity issues and have a more managable workload. Ive said before Im in no real hurry to get this one done, and am not looking at a lab attempt before the end of 2009 or early 2010 – but I need to get a move on and get started in April at the latest. I will endeavour to keep the blog updated with some techincal stuff when I get to it…


One Response to “All quiet on the western front (but busy out east!)”

  1. BSG Bitch said

    I’m in Jersey reading your update.. no prizes for guessing what I’m doing here in the final countdown.. yes, it’s the Ansbacher deployment!! Will be a fitting finale I think, it’s a complex migration and I’m prepared for problems galore tomorrow and Monday 9am…

    Sounds good over there experience wise, you’re gonna have to get the keys to your local comms room and do password recovery on that pesky edge router…

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