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OT: 14 days in the desert

Posted by Jo on February 19, 2009

So, Ive been in Doha for just about 14 days now and thought Id write a little about it.

When I left London it was in the middle of a cold spell and I almost didnt make it to the airport in time after it started snowing and the motorway was blocked. Thankfully the taxi driver made it through somehow and I made the plane, which was actually delayed for a couple of hours due to the cold weather. I did manage to pick myself up a new 15″ MacBook Pro – which is very nice to use.

My arrival in Doha was late if rather uneventful and I headed back to my apartment. I will be working here with some guys I used to work with a for a couple of years a while back, so it was good to see everyone again. The first Saturday was spent on a trip out into the desert for some ‘dune bashing’ – we got quad bikes and spent an hour or so racing around – it was great fun! I forgot to take out my camera to get some pictures, but hopefully will be going out again sometime in the near future before it gets too hot.

The working week is Sunday-Thursday here so it was straight to work the following day with aching limbs and all. Ive landed right in the middle of a busy period, and immediately got given a pretty meaty project to work on – a DC migration to be completed by the end of March. That sounds pretty OK, but when you consider the new DC is still under construction it adds a little bit of time pressure. The first lot of A/C units went online today, so we are making some progress at least – so should be able to make the deadline. After the DC project there seems to be a decent pipeline of projects on offer, so I know that I will be kept busy for the foreseeable future.

So apart from working I haven’t really done much else. Ive managed to check out the local area and found some nice authentic Turkish food, dont tell my wife, but its just as nice as hers 😉 Of course being away from the Mrs. is tough, but Im hopeful that she will be out here sooner rather than later once my visa comes through – in the meantime Skype has been a lifesaver. I think I am going to like it out here, the weather is great (for winter) and only need to wear a short sleeved shirt at night, although Im sure the height of summer will be a different story – so looking forward to that also.

Im not great at taking pics so dont have many to show. I have started a blog over at where I will be posting more about my exploits over here, so if your interested check it out sometime – there isnt much on there but I should be adding some more content soon.

Thats about it for now, I have to try and get some sleep as have a mini DR test in the morning that I need to wake up early for. Later.


3 Responses to “OT: 14 days in the desert”

  1. skybaba said

    Great stuff!!
    Glad to hear you’re settling down matey. I hope you sort your papers out asap so the Mrs can come and help you spend your cash out there 😉

    Just let us know on twits when you’ve got some pictures on Doha and the Dune-Bashing expeditions.


    • Jo said

      No worries, I will once Ive had a chance to get out into the dunes again. Looks like March will be a busy month at work, but I will get some pics up when I get a chance to go out again.

  2. Jerzie said

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