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New Year, New Job, New…

Posted by Jo on January 14, 2009



I recently went over to Doha in Qatar for a flying visit. I was checking it out as I have a few friends who have been working out there there for the past 18 months or so and they have offered me a position to join them doing some network consultancy initially at the bank they are working for.

I think this will be a great opportunity to see another part of the world and live a different way of life for a while. With the current economic situation I see this as a chance to get out of the UK for a couple of years while things hopefully settle down, by all accounts there is a lot of work over there, so I expect to be pretty busy. Of course the tax free income, flight allowances, accommodation and car costs also helped make up my mind on things as well, so in a couple of years when I am ready to come back to the UK, it will mean I wont have to find a job immediately and can use some savings to upgrade our lifestyle here. For tax purposes I will have to be out of the UK until April 2010, after which time we will evaluate the situation on a yearly basis to see if we are still enjoying it. I am looking at the opportunity as a 14 month contract position with 12 month extensions beyond that. Considering the contract market here in London looks to be drying up, and the fact I wanted to move on from my current company, this is a great chance to see another part of the world and save some cash.

So what does this mean for my CCIE studies? By all accounts Doha isnt the most exciting place in the world, outside of working, going out, eating, drinking and dune bashing there isnt too much else to do, so I should have plenty of time to spend working on my IPexpert workbooks and watching videos.

I will be moving out at the start of February to get stuck in and am looking forward to it – oh and the apartment complex we will be living in has a pool and gym facilities, so no more excuses for not working out and shifting some pounds.


8 Responses to “New Year, New Job, New…”

  1. Ric said

    I have been reading your blog for a long time. Just to wish you all the luck in your new “adventure”! 🙂

  2. Congratulations on the new position. Dune bashing looks like a blast. 🙂

  3. ccielab said

    Thanks guys, it is certainly going to be a bit of an adventure, but I think life should be like that when you get the chance.

  4. Congrats on the new job. Hopefully you go back to the UK when things go back to the $800/day contracts with all the new experience you’ll be getting 🙂

  5. skybaba said

    I think that’s one of the coolest news I’ve heard this year……..well besdes the crazy offers IP Expert have come up with recently 😉

    Have you got family? Hope the impact won’t be too much on though?

  6. ccielab said

    @skybaba Its just me and the wife. She will need to stay in the UK for a couple of months while I get my RP sorted out, then she can join me. My biggest fear is for her in this, but she is behind the decision to go over there. There seems to be a group of expat women who like to spend their husbands money on various coffee mornings and shopping meet ups to pass the time 😉

  7. skybaba said

    Well, I guess the support makes a whole lot of difference!

    All the best with it and good luck.

  8. Gunga_Jim said

    Can i keep you as a contact? I’d love to get out of the UK for “a couple of years” as well and i’ve got my CCIE R&S in April….

    Besides Doha sounds great!!!

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