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Where is Arden Packeer?

Posted by Jo on October 13, 2008

Arden Packeer started to write about the IPexpert BLS Voice package a while ago, and I was wondering how he was getting on with it. I tried to contact him through his site but have not had any reply.

Is anyone out there in contact with him?


Arden is still around – he did reply to my message, he is taking a well deserved sabbatical from his studies at the moment and spending quality time with his wife. Well done mate – this is what we all need to do more often.

I look forward to checking out his blog when he starts up again – especially seeing how he goes with his Voice studies.


5 Responses to “Where is Arden Packeer?”

  1. I just caught up with Arden last week after wondering about him as well. He seems to be doing well and will be resuming his (second) CCIE pursuit very soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ll message him directly and let him know his pals are craving an update, in case his blog site is not getting the messages along. I suspect you’ll hear from him in the near future.

  2. Dara said

    ๐Ÿ™‚ :),

    You can catch what he is doing ……



  3. ccielab said

    Cheers guys! Thanks Dara for the twitter link – I didnt know he had one of those.

  4. Eman said

    I have been in touch with him over the past month. I was hoping to help him get his CCIE Magazine back on track again. Several emails and phone calls have not managed to get him going again. His job is keeping him busy like the rest of us. If you get him let him know we are all waiting to hear from him again

  5. I was wondering the same since I have not seen any updates on his website

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