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CCIE #22262

Posted by Jo on October 7, 2008

Check back for an update later…it was eventful


16 Responses to “CCIE #22262”

  1. fivedigits said


  2. Dara said

    Great Congratulations….

    That was really a nice news.

    And the one responsible for bringing in some peace in your life…. :).


  3. jrensink78 said

    Congrats on getting you digits! Can’t wait to read the full story.

  4. Congrats! Looking forward to reading your experience.

  5. Joe A said

    Congratulations, awesome!!! Also would love to hear your story

  6. Gian Paolo said


  7. Ferret999 said

    Congratulations awesome news!!

  8. Congrats!

  9. Congrats man! Can’t wait to read your story

  10. Congratulations!!! Well done.

  11. […] goes out to CCIE Lab for passing his lab exam and getting his digits.  Please head over to CCIE Lab Preparation and send your own […]

  12. Congratulations, you deserve it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this blog, its really interesting to someone thats about to start his lab prep.

  13. […] […]

  14. […] 9, 2008 Jo Knight at the CCIE Lab Preparation blog recently passed the CCIE lab.  Surf on over and give him some love.  He has a great write-up on his experience (Part I here […]

  15. lessaid said

    Congrat for your digit !

  16. wiggwire said

    Big Congrats, party time for sure?
    And after that? SP ?
    Well done

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