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IP Expert Mock Lab 3 (redux)

Posted by Jo on October 1, 2008

Today I did this mock lab again. I ended up with 73 – which wasnt what I was expecting, but highlighted a couple of issues for me. I answered all but one question, but made some really dumb mistakes – things like missing things off of a single trunk to a router (I only applied the config to inter-switch trunks), not paying attention to the irdp config on a couple of interfaces – if you dont apply these commands in order it wipes the address info out of the config, so while I typed all the commands in, they didnt appear on the interface.

Overall I wasnt too happy with the way I approached this lab once it was ‘complete’. I had it all done in 4 hours and didnt check it through too well it appears. Too many small mistakes. I partly put this down to burn out. Today is my last scheduled rack session – I was planing on doing two more, but I think my brain is a little fried. My plan here on out is to read my notes and the DocCD over the next few days while taking it easy.


2 Responses to “IP Expert Mock Lab 3 (redux)”

  1. I know how you feel about burn out. The only thing you can do now is rest, know that doc-cd and get your number in a couple of days.

    Good luck mate! and nice blog.

  2. ccielab said

    Thanks – having no rack time for these last days has been great – and have got some good reading done.

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