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IP Expert Mock Lab 1 (again)

Posted by Jo on September 26, 2008

I got the result of Mock Lab 1, and was quite surprised. I knew that I did quite well on it, but didnt quite expect that score. Checking through the results, the points I missed out on were simple to say the least. One of them was configuring a point-to-point sub interface for frame-relay, and the other was leaving auto-summary on in EIGRP for one router – doh! I missed one question that I couldnt get working in the security section, but it was only worth 2 points. So I could have got 98 points in the end.

Having done this lab for the first time a few weeks ago, it was a good test to do it again, the answers didnt spring to mind and all I could really remember were some of the dependencies, but in terms of my knowledge of the technology I think I was pretty sound. This lab has quite simple QoS and multicast sections which always helps! 🙂

Anyway, tomorrow Im going to redo Mock Lab 2 or I might go for Mock Lab 4 which I did last week but didnt complete and the grading script broke on it – just to see how I fair.


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