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IP Expert Lab 3 – Script Feedback

Posted by Jo on September 24, 2008

Below is a response I had from Tyson Scott at IP Expert – he is the guy who writes the grading scripts. Its good to see that they feedback in this way, and have made the appropriate changes to the grading script.

Strange to me how you can issue the same command on five different routers.
Four give you the same output and then 1 is different.

I have corrected Section 3.2 and 3.7. Simply the output from what you did
showed up differently than the same output when I ran the commands when
writing the script.

The rest had to do with the network between R6 and R9. I need to update the
drawing to state network should be It is not part of the
startup configs and it is not on the map so that is simply a problem with
the grading of the section. So I need to add it to the map instead of
re-writing everything.


Tyson Scott – CCIE #13513 R&S and Security
Technical Instructor – IPexpert, Inc.


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