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IP Expert Mock Lab 4 and Cisco ASET Lab

Posted by Jo on September 21, 2008

I booked a 4 hour session to have a play with the Cisco ASET lab. I forget where I found out about this from, but I was able to book it through some Cisco contacts at work. I was going to use this 4 hour session to get familiar with the user interface, as it uses a java based front end – which takes some getting used to after SecureCRT. There appear to be 4 different full scale labs to work through.

I have no idea how accurate the wording is for these ASET labs, and I probably wont be using them for my prep as I have plenty of labs to work through from the IEWB and IP Expert workbooks that I own, but its good to get yet another (Cisco) perspective. I will probably just read through the labs at some point before and see how much I can pick up from them that way. If anyone can comment on the usefulness of the ASET labs then great.

I did IP Expert Mock Lab 4 this morning – this was a tough lab. I missed the first hour and a half of the session as I didnt wake up in time for the 5am start, and wasnt feeling great so made slow progress.

There were a good range of topics in this lab, a nice dot1q-tunnel section and a number of quirky things to configure, but I was comfortable with most of them. I didnt get a mark for it as the script kept returning an error saying it had been graded after around 30 seconds. I didnt finish all of the questions in the time, but I was looking forward to seeing how I did on the sections I did complete. I have opened a call with IP Expert and they are looking into why it failed – hopefully it wasnt something I did to the rack 🙂

I will probably do this lab again next weekend as Id like to see how I do. I havent looked at the PG for this one yet, so will be a good test.


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