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Weekend Update

Posted by Jo on September 7, 2008

After the mock that I did yesterday morning, I have just been taking it easy today. Browsing through day 1 of the IP Expert Video on Demands, there is some good stuff on there . A lot of it was mainly refreshing things in my mind, but there were also a couple of topics that I didnt come across in the IE CoD. The hands on videos where Scott Morris goes through the configurations has given me a few extra ideas about things. I will be checking out the Multicast and QoS sections over the next few days, as these are the areas that I am still making errors on by not fully understanding the technology maybe?

I also finished off IEWB Lab 13 from the IE Dynamips workbook, after I got distracted on Friday. This is rated as a 9 difficulty, and although Ive done it before a while back, Im using these labs to build my speed. I find that while I can remember these labs, there are still things in there to make me think, and if there is something I dont know straight off the bat, I know how to find it on the documentation pages.

This next week should be quite busy, hopefully I will have some good study time in the evenings. I am thinking to do the IP Expert Multicast and QoS Volume I labs, as well as checking out the VoD on these subjects too. Next weekend I will do another graded mock lab from Volume III. If I am consistently getting around the 70-75% mark (for mocks 3, 4 and 5) I will be feeling alot more confident than I was last week – but I will need to start getting 80+ in the not too distant future.


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