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IP Expert Mock Lab Breakdown Video

Posted by Jo on August 18, 2008

One of the great features of the IP Expert mock labs is the video breakdown you get at the end of it. Basically this is one of the IP Expert team going through each task on the command line showing how they expected the task to be completed, and any issues that may be faced. This is what I was missing on the IE Mock Lab that I did – which is a shame. Hopefully they can add these into their mock labs also. I think they were actually removed as the mock lab content was changed, but hopefully they can get them back sometime soon.

Overall I was very impressed with the IP Expert mock lab offering, its great to do labs that are worded completely differently and have a different topology. I still have a way to go to eliminate the small errors, but feel I am making progress in the right direction.

During my prep I have been using the Terminal Server method, just having a single window open and switching between the devices using the Ctrl-Shift-6+x key combination. As the IP Expert rack topology was different to what I was used to I had to find a way to open the sessions that made sense. Looking at the breakdown video at the end of this lab I saw that they use the command ‘resume <dev-name>’ to flip between devices.

2522#res r1
[Resuming connection to r1]


This does away with the need to remember what devices are mapped to each line in the TS, where they may not be in any particular order, so I will bear this in mind for the future.


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