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IP Expert Mock Lab

Posted by Jo on August 17, 2008

I did the IP Expert mock lab today, and got 75. This lab was quite reasonable, but I was still making silly mistakes, but thankfully I managed to spot alot of them while I was doing the lab (although not all of them)

IP Expert give you 7.5 hours to complete the lab, but if you want it graded you have to finish it within 20 minutes of the scheduled end time. I actually made good progress and had my IGP and BGP done within 3 hours or so, so I took a ‘lunch’ break for 15 minutes. I then worked through the remainder of the lab. Once I was done I still had 2 hours left on the lab, but got called away so couldnt go through the lab from the beginning to verify each task as I had planned, but I was feeling confident in this case.

As the exam was graded by a script I hit the button and waited for around 10 minutes for the script to do it s thing. I could have got more, but for some reason I couldnt get R9 to sync up with Cat2 even though I could ping it. I totally missed out on redistribution, so will be checking through the proctor guide on this later on, also multicast was working for sure when I tested it earlier in the day, so will have to look through that one again too.

I think I may do this lab again in a few weeks time, as I have an extra session that I got as part of the IP Expert offer to give 2 for 1 on rack rental purchases on Mike’s blog (the offer now looks to have expired)


Seeing as I still had (and currently have) 30 minutes of the rack session going, I went back and saw my mistake that broke multicast and my advanced BGP sections. I actually added something else at the end of my first run that changed the AD of some routes, so thats why my multicast broke after I had tested it earlier. Anyway, with these I ran the grading script again and it bumped my score up to 83 – but this doesnt count – does it? 😉


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