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Jumping on the ‘bannerwagon’

Posted by Jo on August 12, 2008

Ive added an IP Expert banner to the side of the page. Ive had a couple of emails from Mike Down over at IP Expert as I got their 2 rack sessions for one deal, as I am planning on doing the $35 graded mock lab they have published on their site, which for $35 is a great deal.

Anyway, while contacting Mike to get this sorted he asked if I would put a banner on my blog for IP Expert. I previously had an InternetworkExpert one on here, but I just did that off of my own back as I was using their materials and though it looked good to have it on there. I like the look of the IP Expert BLS, and will be checking it out for my next track when I am done with R&S. Obviously adding this banner gives me some benefit from IP Expert, basically a 50% discount on the BLS with some rack sessions included, but I would say their material is worth checking out.

A few bloggers seem to be doing this as I there is a bit of a battle going on between the main CCIE training vendors at the moment – which is good for all of us CCIE candidates out there.


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