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Waiting for the grade

Posted by Jo on July 16, 2008

I am still waiting for the results of IE mock lab 3. The status is showing up as overdue on the IE site, so I have opened up a ticket to see if I can get them to speed it along.

Having gone through the SG I think I will be lucky to get 60 points, but cannot be sure on that. Just too many small mistakes were made on basic tasks, and mis-interpretation etc. A couple that spring to mind are an incorrect subnet mask on RIP summary-address (I had a /24 and it should have been /17) and the thing is, I even spotted this during the lab, but didnt correct it – doh. Another one that that I can kick myself for was getting the EIGRP K values in the wrong order when changing the metric weights. I looked it up in the Doc CD to check the order, but must have been smoking crack as I entered it into all my routers incorrectly. While these were only small mistakes, coupled with skipping a few tasks and missing out on others all adds up to a FAIL.



So the result is in – I got a 49! Checking through the report I have to say that I am very disappointed to do so badly on this one. Most of the things I missed out on with very silly mistakes (like a typo on my SNMP RW string!), but I guess it is useful to get the all out of the way now!

One thing does get to me a bit, is where things are not asked for in the exam, but are expected. One case in point I lost 4 points for the redistribution task because SW3 and SW4 loopbacks weren’t reachable. At no stage during the lab were these implied to be advertised into the routing domain, and at the start it only states that full IP reachability is required for all networks in the routing domain. In the SG that is supplied by IE there was also no sign of these loopback interfaces in the routing domain – or even in the ping script they use – so I am a little miffed by that one. One more, was to authenticate all area 0 adjacencies, but I didn’t put the command onto E0/1 on R3 as while it is in area 0, it doesn’t form any adjacency with anything – again in the SG they dont even add it to the interface!

I worked out that I had 28 points lost due to my own mistakes – which still wouldn’t have given me 80, but would have made me feel a lot better.

The main things I am going to get from this are:

1. Build, Verify, Build, Verify, Build, Verify
2. Use the complete 8 hours – if I finish early use the time to go through every task again
3. Read the questions more thoroughly
4. Check the diagram for inconsistencies to the initial configs
5. Never assume anything – if I had a proctor to ask I would have asked 😉

All in all its a good experience, and I look forward to Mock Lab 5 next month sometime.


One Response to “Waiting for the grade”

  1. I did Mock Lab 3 the other day and got a 59. Its amazing you talked about the redistribution task! That’s why mine was marked wrong because the loopbacks were not reachable! I agree with you that if I had a Proctor to ask I would have asked. I actually left 23 points on the table because I ran out of time and was not able to finish the lab. I made a biggest mistake AGAIN of using the page 1 to page 10 approach. So I ended up spending 1 hour on a stupid stp task. But I think 59 was a refresher compared to my 44 on Lab 1. How’s Voice treating you? Shoot me an email I had a few questions about some voice stuff.

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