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Mock Lab 3

Posted by Jo on July 13, 2008

So, today I did IE Mock Lab 3. I started this morning at 11am and had the rack through until 19:30 this evening. I have just got the solutions guide and my initial thoughts are that I made too many little mistakes.

I actually finished the lab in about 6 hours, so had a couple of hours to go through it (I skipped a few questions too) – but I didnt do this very well it would seem! One obvious mistake I made was to configure a few DHCP pools for different VLANs. The question asked to configure them on R6, but no I did them on the routers that had the VLANs attached to them (R3 and R4). I got the DHCP pool config correct, but unfortunately not on the correct router! So missed out on these easy points.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see how IE grade it as I can see some different config to mine in the SG.

One thing to learn from this is to check each task really carefully once they are complete, as its the silly mistakes that cost the points!

I feel it went well enough during the day making progress through the lab, but I guess the score report will tell the real story in a couple of days.


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