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Mock Lab and IE Online Community

Posted by Jo on July 12, 2008


Tomorrow I am scheduled to do IE mock Lab 3 and I am looking forward to it. I have been progressing with the IEWB v4.1 labs slowly but surely. I should really get around to writing up my notes from these, but cant find the time, but will do so soon hopefully. I am hopeful that my core topics, are sound and also I am improving my QoS, Multicast and IP Services sections.

I canceled my attendance at Narbik’s London Bootcamp a while back, as I made the decision that I had invested in the IEWB products and would stick with them for now (and no, the banner add I have had on my site didn’t get me any freebies). In any case I think Narbik also canceled the London dates, which was a shame. Maybe if things don’t go too well on my real lab I can schedule this in, as I would like to see what he can offer in the class, and his workbooks.

A few bloggers have made reference to the new IE Online Community – I like the look of this site a lot, especially the feature to subscribe to the forums via email. Hopefully these new forums can be a bit more active, with more direct input from the IE team – one thing that I think the old forum lacked was anything definitive from the Brian’s on some of the more obscurely worded tasks, or ones that were just plain wrong! So now IE have Petr and Scott Morris on board they will all be a bit more active in assisting the community using their products.


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