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Posted by Jo on April 22, 2008


6 Responses to “Labbing…”

  1. Roland said

    nice screenshot! Are you using GN3 on Mac? I’m trying it on my 2,4GHz iMac can’t get it working!

  2. ccielab said

    I dont run GN3, just plain Dynamips/Dynagen using ‘screen’ to connect to each router within a single Terminal window.

  3. nwachonky said

    congrats on ur digit,

    these ur lab pic how do u succeed in contain both on one screen, do u use a particular program for that.

    i love to be able to read the workbook while i config

  4. ccielab said

    No program – I just have the screen size to do it. This was taken on my 20″ Mac, so it has a really nice screen resolution for it.

  5. babo said

    what the hell!! the CCIE lab looks like this? I am studing CCNP now and you totaly freaked me out with this screen shot.

  6. Jo said

    Its not a scary as it looks – just break it down into the different sections L2,L3,IGP,BGP etc etc .

    Keep at you NP studies…

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