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Boot Camp Locked In

Posted by Jo on March 21, 2008

PayPal finally cleared my payment to Micronics for Narbiks London boot camp. All I am waiting for now is confirmation of the location, although I have been assured it will be in Central London, so this wont be a problem. Its still alot closer than Sydney, Dubai or Pasedena. I received the Soup-To-Nuts workbook and have been having a read through. The style is very simple but easy to follow. I will be working through this workbook over the next few weeks, while also fitting in some core practice labs from IEWB Volume III. These core labs are great for blasting out in a few hours, I seem to get through them in around 3 hours or so, so have improved my speed immensely setting up layer 2 and layer 3.

Once I have worked through StN I will be aiming to complete all sections of the IEWB Volume II labs that I have done so far, as I will hopefully have a better understanding of Multicast, IPv6, QoS etc.

Then come July attend the boot camp, work through the supplied workbooks (and IEWB) for a couple of months and then see where I stand. My lab is booked out for October, but I want to move this forward once I asses my position in August after I have digested all of the material.


8 Responses to “Boot Camp Locked In”

  1. If you complete StN and some of the IEWB Vol.2 labs, you’ll be well-positioned to “drink from the firehose” in Narbik’s bootcamp. You’ll get a ton out of it.

  2. ccielab said

    Ive been working through the StN, and quite like it so far. Ive worked through most of the IGP and BGP labs, and picked up a few things that aren’t mentioned elsewhere (yet). I think come July I should be a lot better prepared. Does Narbik give any mock lab material with his class now?

  3. Dara said

    Good Luck’

    That seems to be a nice approach in absorbing the Tech!!!

  4. Giorgio P. said

    I am from UK and I was thinking about coming to Narbik class
    in London in July. I have noticed from his site that the Dubai and London classes dates are clashing. Where is he going to be ? He says in London but I still have some doubts
    I am following the same path as yours mostly with Internetworkexpert material . How good is SnNs ? Is it worth it to read another one instead of carrying on with a “repeat strategy ” ?

  5. ccielab said

    I saw that too, but I have emailed him and its on in London on those dates. What makes you have doubts? I guess the only way to make sure he comes is if he gets enough interest from people who want to attend his class 🙂

    StN is good, but its technology focussed labs similar to IEWB Volume I, maybe not as polished as their presentation, but it covers lots of the material from a technology standpoint.

    I am looking forward to going through his Advanced Technology Workbook (and I think Narbik has 5 mock labs that he gives out as well), so even these make it good value for money to attend the class (in my opinion). Drop him a line and let him know you are interested….

  6. Giorgio P. said

    Well if he is going to be in London who is going to be in Dubai ?
    Also details of the London Class are still missing less than 2
    months from it while the Dubai one is all set.
    OK I am too suspicious. Yes I agree from the cost point of view is the most cost-effective on the market , also the retake bit is
    excellent in case of failure. If I come I will have to postpone my exam and change my plan : first I take the exam then if I do not pass I go for more “intensive treatment”.
    I do not know.
    All the best

  7. Giorgio P. said

    I was still conidering the London class waiting for the exact location but it is not
    on the site anymore.
    Do you know what happened ?

  8. ccielab said

    I dont know. I am unable to attend the class anyway.

    If you are interested I would email Micronics and see what is going on.

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