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Change of Lab Date

Posted by Jo on March 2, 2008

So, I have been reading through the various blogs out there and boot camps seem to be a hot topic of thought at the moment. I have been deliberating about whether or not to attend one, I am mindful of the good reviews received for Narbik Kocharians‘ bootcamps, and he has finally announced some dates for London classes.

I was contemplating going to Dubai for his class, but now he is coming to London it works out even better on price. I am going to book a place on the bootcamp starting on the 7th July – unfortunately this is when I had my lab date booked for, so I have pushed this out a couple of months so I can absorb all of the bootcamp material. I don’t mind doing this as I am not in a particular hurry to get my CCIE done. Also, attending the bootcamp will give me some additional material to work through different to the IEWB materials, so will be able to get a different perspective I hope.

If anyone out there is interested in attending this bootcamp get in touch with Narbik through his website and let him know.


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