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CCIE Lab Bootcamp and IE Mock Lab

Posted by Jo on January 16, 2008

I have scheduled a mock lab from InternetworkExpert for May. Its quite a way off, but this is about the time I want to start doing some mock labs. I will probably book another one while IE have their special offer on mock labs for $99. I have opted for mock lab 3 to start with which is rated difficulty 7 (which is similar in difficulty to the real lab).

I am also contemplating going to a bootcamp when I am a little further down the path in April or May, there are a couple of options, but the cheapest one I can find is with Narbik Kocharians. It means a trip to Dubai for a week or so, but believe it or not this still works out cheaper than any UK based bootcamps. I have had some contact with Narbik and he is planning on coming to the UK at some point, but needs to know there is a demand here. If you are a UK based CCIE candidate reading this blog drop him a line if your interested… As part of the bootcamp you get his soup-to-nuts workbook and also the main RS workbook and I would like to get another perspective away from the IEWB products, just to mix it up a little.


6 Responses to “CCIE Lab Bootcamp and IE Mock Lab”

  1. dinesh2001 said


    I’d be interested in a UK based CCIE bootcamp… perhaps you could put up his contact details etc… so I can email him,


  2. ccielab said

    Great, if you click the link in the post it will take you to the Micronics Training website and you can do it through there.

  3. Andrew said

    Is this an Internetexpert ? Micronics Training website?
    I was searching for CCIE Mock Labs RS in UK, and came across WinNET Systems 2 days Mock Lab by Harith quadruple CCIE instructor.

  4. ccielab said

    This is neither of those. I just happens that I am using the IE workbooks and am attending the Micronics Training boot camp in July.

  5. Thameem M Parambath said

    Hello there

    I tried to reach Narbick by enquiring for a bootcamp date on Dec 08 in dubai. But i didnt get any reply yet. Can you please give me any other contact detail with him

    best Regards
    Thameem from Dubai

  6. ccielab said


    I have no association with Narbik and only contact him through his website, so cant give you any more information.


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