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A Change in Approach

Posted by Jo on October 16, 2007

For the next month or so I am going to change my approach to the workbook labs. Instead of trying to finish a complete lab within 8-12 hours my aim is to complete the core sections instead and work on my understanding and speed.

At the moment when I get to the later sections (ie. multicast and onwards) I am finding that I check the DocCD and solutions guide more than I should be. What I want to do is get all labs completed up to the end of BGP – where I should have full reachability, then I can save my configs for another time to work on the 2nd half of the labs. By doing this for the next month or so, I should have a better grasp of my core topics knowledge and can work the other areas when I feel I can move on.

I may also look at the InternetworkExpert Volume III labs, which work on these core topics so you can do them without any second thought.


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