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IEWBv4 Lab 3

Posted by Jo on October 14, 2007

Ive been working through this lab. I have managed to get through to the BGP section. I had a couple of issues with the IGP redistribution part where I thought I knew the solution (and checked it against the guide) but it wasnt working. It turned out that I had missed something from an earlier section and had not verified it, which caused me an issue later on down the line.

This has made me more careful to check the tasks once I have them completed before moving on. I had a couple of issues with my rented racks on Sunday morning, so couldnt carry this lab on until yesterday (I was given some free time by the guy who runs the racks – which was good of him).

Anyway the redistribution task involved tagging routes as they came in from two separate sources (BB1 and BB3) via R6, then redistributed from RIP into EIGRP on R6 and then from EIGRP into OSPF on R1 and R2. The task required that all traffic that was sourced from BB1 be routed back from the OSPF domain via R1 and all traffic sourced from BB3 be routed back via R2.

The answer to this was to tag the traffic on R6 (via redistribution from RIP to EIGRP) with either ‘1’ or ‘3’ depending where is was sourced from, then when redisting between EIGRP and OSPF on R1 matching the tag ‘1’ and applying a metric of 1 for these routes, the same config was applied on R2 but instead matched tag ‘3’ and applying a metric of 1. This lead to routers within the OSPF domain preferring the lowest metric for these routes via R1 and R2 respectively.

My next session is not until tomorrow, so I will aim to complete the BGP section and fully understand it.

Up to this point, I have tried to understand as much as I could from ‘learning by doing’, but seem to have the most trouble on the IGP redistribution tasks and BGP sections, so I am probably going to concentrate on these areas for the next month or so.


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