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Where am I…

Posted by Jo on September 30, 2007

I am now 1 week (actually 8 hours) into my schedule, so this is just a quick update to reflect on where I currently stand.

I must admit, I have not had the best of starts. I guess there are just some area’s that I think I know, but when it comes to applying them in the practice labs it doesnt quite come off as planned. Take my last session as an example, I totally hit the wall on Frame-Relay Inverse-ARP. This was mainly due to me never having done it before, so didnt know that you have to massage the IOS in a certain way to get it to work in certain situations.

Now that I have watched the IE CoD on Frame-Relay, this topic was actually mentioned with the workaround to get it going, so I am hopeful that for my next session I can make some good progress and not waste the limited time I have to practice on issues such as these.

My goal for this week is to complete Lab 1 on the two evening sessions and also Lab 2 on my 8 hour weekend session. As I commute to work on the train, I will also be printing off sections of the DocCD to read through during this time as this is going to be an important part of my study plan.


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