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IEWBv4 Lab 1 – Session 1 (2.5 hours)

Posted by Jo on September 27, 2007

Well, last night I finally made a start with my rack sessions. Where better place to start than at the beginning of the workbook? I had a four hour rack session planned starting at 20:00 through until 00:00 to get the first half of the lab done. I actually managed to start late as I had some problems getting home from work, so by the time I sat down and had the devices configured with the initial configs it was 20:30.

My strategy for the first few labs is going to be do as much as I can on my own but refer to the solutions guide when I feel I am stuck or there could be multiple ways to complete the task.

Here is a run down of my activities from last night.

Bridging and Switching

This section went quite smoothly, I was happy setting up the VTP domains and creating VLAN’s on the switches. I made sure I read through the lab first, and spotted that SW1 and SW2 needed to be in transparent mode (as a later task required Private VLANs), and since it only specified that SW3 and SW4 needed to be the VTP server/client I had a choice to make there. I had to check the solution guide for the PVLAN config, but that’s because it is something I have not really configured before.

Once this section was complete, I checked connectivity between all devices that were adjacent over the layer 2 domain.

Frame Relay

This section was absolutely fine – setting up a few different hub and spoke designs. The requirements were quite clear as it specified to use only physical interfaces and make sure to use only static layer 3 to layer 2 resolution.


I will continue to write this up later as I have somehow managed to delete the text in mid-flow and dont have time to write it all down again!

The long and the short of it is that I finished the OSPF, EIGRP and RIP sections before having to cut my session short at 23:00, so didnt get onto the redistribution or BGP sections like I had planned. If I had had the extra 1.5 hours I am sure I would have got through these with some help from the solutions guide (especially on the BGP section).


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